Matt Lawrence

Author Matt Lawrence is the former Director of Special Projects for Freedom Flight International. He has flown search and rescue missions as a Chief Mission Specialist off the coast of Cuba, saving the lives of thousands of refugees. Today, he operates Paratus International LLC, a Florida based company providing disaster mitigation and management training.

Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & the Cuban Five

By: Matt Lawrence & Thomas Van-Hare

On February 24, 1996, three Brothers to the Rescue aircraft took off from South Florida on a search and rescue mission meant to save the lives of Cuban balseros – yet their mission would end in death, with two planes shot down by Cuban MiG fighters.
Four aviators were lost – Carlos Costa, Mario de la Peña, Armando Alejandre and Pablo Morales. Their murders were perpetuated by La Red Avispa, the “Cuban Five” spy ring and a DIA analyst turned Cuban agent, Ana Belen Montes, Castro’s Queen of Spies.

Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five compiles extensive research, sworn testimony and fact. It reveals a cover up spanning the Florida Straits, from Havana to Washington D.C. It uncovers that senior Clinton Administration officials, including Sandy Berger, Bill Richardson, Richard Nuccio, retired Pentagon brass, U.S diplomats and even members of the U.S. media were forewarned by Castro of the shootdown, yet somehow did nothing to stop the murders.

Cuba declares them heroes, yet the “Cuban Five” are serving jail sentences for espionage and murder. Now, in an opening gesture toward improving relations with Havana, the Obama Administration contemplates their release – but will the USA have to go so far as to pardon murderers?

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"Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare have written an important book detailing an infamous chapter in the history of the Castro dictatorship and a weak United States Administration ... I recommend this book."
Lincoln Diaz-Balart
"I wish I was a wealthy man. I would buy 300 million copies of BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five and provide a copy to every single American citizen... [The book] exposes their crime and holds them accountable. Read it."
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Scott W. Carmichael
"Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare think more should have been done. Betrayal explains why.... Betrayal is a sad story of a humanitarian effort eventually shut down by Castro and international politics."
CIA Intelligence Officer's Bookshelf
Hayden Peake
"Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare tell with absolute clarity how Cuban MiGs in an act of cold-blooded murder shot down two humanitarian rescue planes in international airspace killing four Americans."
Former Commanding Officer, Author
Ed Timperlake

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