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A Quote from Cong. Lincoln Diaz-Balart in support of the book. "Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare have written an important book detailing an infamous chapter in the history of the Castro dictatorship and a weak United States Administration. By documenting the Cuban regime's espionage activities and the calculated, cold-blooded murder of four humanitarian pilots, BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five is a timely reminder that the United States must be vigilant against repeating the mistakes of the past. To anyone interested in gaining insight into the utter malevolence of the Cuban dictatorship and the hazards befalling U.S. Administrations who coddle it, I recommend this book."
--- Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart (FL-21)

A Quote from the CIA website in the Intelligence Officers Bookshelf "On 24 February 1996, Cuban MiGs shot down two of three unarmed American light aircraft over international waters off the Cuban coast. The four pilots died. The third aircraft escaped and spread the word. The United States government responded with diplomatic gestures. Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare think more should have been done. Betrayal explains why.... Betrayal is a sad story of a humanitarian effort eventually shut down by Castro and international politics."
--- CIA Review by Hayden Peake, CIA Intelligence Officer's Bookshelf -- Click here to read full CIA review.

A Quote from Scott Carmichael, DIA Counterintelligence Officer and Author. "I wish I was a wealthy man. I would buy 300 million copies of BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five and provide a copy to every single American citizen, by way of warning: The men who murdered, with impunity and arrogance, three American citizens and one Permanent Resident Alien in the Straits of Florida on 24 February 1996, remain in power off the coast of Florida. BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five exposes their crime and holds them accountable. Read it."
--- Scott W. Carmichael, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Author of True Believer and the agent who discovered Cuban spy, Ana Belen Montes

A Quote from Chris Simmons, founder of the CIRC. "In gripping detail, BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five reminds readers that Cuba's 1996 shoot down of two civilian aircraft in international airspace was an act of international terrorism. Lawrence and Van Hare's well-researched account highlights the key role of Cuban spies and the Castro brothers in this premeditated murder of four search and rescue pilots. The authors also examine how a high-ranking Cuban spy in the U.S. Government shaped the Clinton administration's timid response and emboldened the Castro regime. The lesson learned by Havana was clear: in dealing with the U.S., you can get away with murder. Anyone looking for insights into the volatile relations between the U.S. and Cuba needs to read BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five."
--- Lt. Colonel Chris Simmons (DIA-Retired), the analyst who debriefed Cuban spy Ana Belen Montes and founder of The Cuban Intelligence Research Center

Dr. Jaime Suchlicki, U of M in support of the book. "A major contribution to understanding American policy and U.S. confusion about Cuba's intentions."
--- Dr. Jaime Suchlicki, University of Miami - Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies

Author Edward Timperlake in support of the book. "BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five by Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare tells with absolute clarity how Cuban MiGs in an act of cold-blooded murder shot down two humanitarian rescue planes in international airspace killing four Americans."
--- Ed Timperlake, former commanding officer VMFA 321 and author of Red Dragon Rising

Author Lily Prellezo in support of the book. BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five is the closest anyone has come to the truth of the events surrounding February 24, 1996 and leaves no doubt in readers' minds that officials within the United States government had prior knowledge of the planned shoot down of Brothers to the Rescue. This gripping account is a must read for those interested in the politics of politics."
--- Lily Prellezo, author of Seagull One: The Amazing True Story of Brothers to the Rescue

"I could not put it down as I read page after page of accounts of deception and murder."
--- Kevin Pakos, KXXT Radio

"BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five tells a stunning story of international intrigue and murder, revealing the truth behind the shootdown and attempted cover up of two Brothers to the Rescue aircraft on February 24, 1996."
--- Reid Mullins, KTOK Radio

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Will Obama bring a cold-blooded murderer "in from the cold"? -- March 30, 2009
The cold shower of reality can start with the new book Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & the Cuban Five. The thoroughly documented bottom line in this shocking exposé is "In the end, Fidel Castro got away with murder".

Cuban spies penetrate Washington, call the shots on U.S. policy -- April 6, 2009
The detailed and well-documented new book Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & the Cuban Five by Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare -- an extraordinary piece of investigative writing that was based on 13 years of investigation.... As Betrayal details, the shootdown was actively facilitated by a Cuban spy ring operating on American soil, which had personnel deployed both within and outside of the U.S. Government.

Map showing location of the actual shootdown, in international airspace, as validated by the U.S. Government, ICAO & OAS.

A Brothers to the Rescue Cessna 337 on a Search and Rescue Mission, this aircraft known as "El Coqui" flown by the command pilot, Seagull Tango.

Silhouette of a MiG-29UB as used to shoot down the Brothers to the Rescue aircraft.

An empty raft in the Straits of Florida -- balseros who didn't make it to freedom.

A group of "balseros" who survived the journey due to the efforts of Brothers to the Rescue, and our Brothers: Carlos, Armando, Mario y Pablo.

"Los Gringos al Rescate" with N13BR "Big Red" -- from left to right, Thomas Van Hare, Conrad Webber, Steve Walton, Matt Lawrence.