What to Do ‘Til The Cavalry Comes

“When you live prepared, you’re prepared to live!” -Matt Lawrence

“What to Do ‘Til the Cavalry Comes" is Matt Lawrence’s latest book, which serves as a Family Guide to Preparedness in 21st Century America. Based on Matt Lawrence’s personal experiences and extensive research, “What to Do…" is a guidebook for you and your family, designed to help you prepare for difficulty and disaster in your life – whether it is a long term power outage, a hurricane, a tornado, a blizzard or something else.

The book offers great insight into what you should do to prepare, offering helpful hints like how much water to have at home, how much food and of what types, and whether you should stockpile medical supplies. The answers will surprise you as you turn, page-by-page, through this helpful and easy-to-read guide to help you stay safe, healthy and happy “after the storm."

“What to Do ‘Til the Cavalry Comes" gives families a basic plan, one most anybody can live by. It is a must-read for those who wish to improve their readiness for living in 21st Century America, knowing that “When you live prepared, you’re prepared to live!"

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Hurricane Andrew 8.23.92.

Hurricane Andrew 8.24.92. South Dade County Florida

Hurricane Andrew 8.24.92. We need help.

Helicopters are usually the first signs that help is on the way in the wake of a disaster.

Hurricane Andrew 8.24.92.

Hurricane Andrew 8.24.92. FEMA assistance.

During clean up, it is always helpful to look through debris for things that may be of use during immediate recovery.

Flooding Hurricane Katrina 8.29.05.

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Hurricane Mathew 9.28.16.

Hurricane Wilma 10.16.05.

Phil Bryant
Governor of State of Mississippi
Dawne Davis
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Matt is an excellent speaker on how to prepare for a disaster. I have had him on my morning shows for the past 5 years, talking about hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc. He is an excellent on air interview, and people love to get his books and supplies and learn how to get prepared. Matt is an eye opener and really keeps the audience engaged! Anyone who is seeking knowledge in any of the areas that Matt speaks on will not be disappointed. Just in setting up the interview via phone, I knew that I had found gold!

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